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not willing to make friends and bed behaviour

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Jul 19, 2017

hi my daughter is not making friend to her same age group. if she play with her friends she rules them whatever she says she wants that her fellow do the same..... she doesn't want to talk to frist. ...plz suggest for this

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| Jul 19, 2017

hi Ruchi ! is she a shy child otherwise? only in front of friends does she dominate or at home also she behaves same? please try and help her understand , for any relationship be it between friends , mother-daughter relationship or father-daughter relationship, one can't dominate , if that happens the relationship won't work. similarly if she would continue being aggresive and dominate others , chances are she would no longer be welcome by the group or allowed to be a part of the group. narrate stories to her , in which the message is loud and clear on how to behave in a group setting. praise her at home when she listens to u. also make sure u respect her and listen to her and allow her to express herself. hope this helps!

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