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Updated on Feb 18, 2016

A child's last scribble: Please, don't blame my parents, for my suicide. All they wanted was a brilliant child who excelled in Math & in Science. I must go, as I let them down, for I only knew how to rhyme a line with another line. Hindi made me happy, but what use is poetry? Maybe dad was right, it is not possible to have a meaningful life, if you don't score well in Math or Science. Not dad's fault, for he deserved to have a super brilliant child. But dear mom and dad, do read my poems. I wrote one for you, too. Sorry you never got to see it, while I was alive.

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| Feb 18, 2016

This is so sad but the truth of life. We as parents don' t understand that our children are individuals with their dreams, likes and dislikes.

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