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1 to 3 years

Created by Sunny
Updated on Dec 21, 2013

Hi Everyone,   My son is 16th July 2012 born so will he loose his 1year for Nursery Admissions because according to the CBSE guideline he should be 3 plus as on March 31st.  

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| Dec 27, 2013

my son wud be 4yrs on 1/Feb'14.... he does not fall in the govt criteria... how shud we proceed? Pls suggest.

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| Dec 21, 2013

Hi Sunny! As per 2013-14 nursery admission guidelines the child should be 3+ as on 31st March 2014 or should have been born between 1st April 2010 and 31st March 2011. So as per these guidelines Ur child is not eligible for nursery admission in the year 2014. But there is a brighter side to it as Meenambigai has mentioned. Children who are older as compared to their classmates are definitely cognitively smarter, their motor skills both fine as well as gross are well developed, they can comprehend and follow instructions well, are much more confident and well adjusted. there is one more added advantage to it, ur child can be away from formal schooling for one more year, so more fun and play and less of pressure. Hope this helps!

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| Dec 21, 2013

Hi, we met a similar situation when we admitted my son in school. His birthday falls on sep 29. Though he lost one year, he found it easy in many ways. His age advantage over other kids really helped him a lot. Since the portions nowadays are high u need not worry about losing one year. Also in some schools, if they feel that the kid is over smart and if they think that the kid has outgrown that particular class they are promoting the kid to the next class. I have heard this in Bangalore. U can enquire about this. In some schools they are not very strict when the kid is born in June or July. So u can enquire about this issue also. All the best for ur son's bright future.

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