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Created by Vishal
Updated on Aug 18, 2013

Hello,   My child has just completed 2 years in this month and her weight is 10 kgs, still her eating habit is not up to mark. She hate eating chapatis or any green vegetables. Even we have tried to give in different form but she even don't like to see them. she is very much found of milk and doesn't want anything once she see it. Due to this many times she remain hungry and starts crying even in mid nights and we have to give her milk at that time. Due to all she is not gaining weight at all. Please suggest how should we try to feed her.

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| Aug 19, 2013

Dear Vishal , you may get great tips by reading these two Blogs - I found them AWESOME !! Blog 1) Blog 2)

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| Aug 19, 2013

Hi Vishal! The problem u r facing not at all uncommon. Her weight according to her age is quite low. it is advisable to add carbohydrates and fats to her diet besides other nutrients. U cud try giving her churi wherein u cud grind cooked chapatti in mixer and add lots of ghee and salt to it. Or u cud try giving malai paranntha. Or u cud add filling of anything she likes like Maggie/ chowmein/ pasta/ boiled potato etc to her roti. Or u cud divide roi into 5 or 6 pieces on each piece u cud keep on adding toppings she likes to have like cheese, tomato, chips, tomato SOS, rajma etc and put it in the micowave for 10 to 15 seconds. Sometimes children do not like bland taste of roti so add sugar or salt acc to ur daughter's taste. To make it soft u cud add ghee or malai. U cud also try giving roti with butter. Or try giving poori or atta halwa ( sheera). One cud also try giving dosa idli upma etc. as far as veggies are concerned u cud try making veg soup with lil bit arhar dal in it and strain it. hope alll these innovations solve ur problem.

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| Aug 18, 2013

Thanks Avi, will try this.

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| Aug 17, 2013

Hi vishal! I had the same problem with my nephew. he liked milk so much that he never ate his meals nicely. The doctor told to stop giving milk to him before sleeping and to only give it twice in a day.. try to make excuses that the milk is spoilt and some insect is there in the milk and in the morning we will get fresh milk for u. If she likes milk so much u can try giving her custard with fruits added in it. Also the doctor recommended pediasure to mix in the milk and boil the vegetables like spinach and pulses in the flour and also try chana or whole grain wheat. if she doesnt like to have chapati give her saffola ready to cook oats. its tasty and healthy too and can try mtr instant rava idli too. give her soups as she wont have to chew much. slowly she will leave milk as she ll get to enjoy her meals. Hope it works for u

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