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Updated on May 10, 2015

Hi My Son is 7 yrs old and he only eats eats and eats (no junk apart from chips and snacks  eats only home made food ) which leads to bad digestion and he falls sick.   I also have a 13 year old son who eats only junk and does not eat home made food at all. He has a problem of digestion.  

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| May 11, 2015

Hi smital You may also refer to an earlier parent talk-

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| May 10, 2015

smital, if you feel your 7 year old child's eating is abnormal, there is no harm in discussing with a doc. it could be worms or some nutrition deficiency which his body is trying to cover up or even some stress in his mind which he is trying to calm down with food. If he is overweight, doctor will also guide you on it. For the older child, do not encorage junk in anyway--do not keep it at home and if he wants to have it, negotiate that he can have it on one day in a week. Read up and tell him the disadvnatges of eating high salt food such as chips etc. also, make chips or burgers or pizza at home so that his junk craving gets satisifed to some extent. hope these tips help.

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