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Rachna Sethi Gera

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Oct 06, 2015

Hi, My baby is 1 yr old nw n I want to know abt d best diet for my baby. Should I hv to continue feeding ?

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Veena InWebz

| Oct 07, 2015

Hi Rachna, it is always good to have healthy diet even if it is a baby. Loads of fruits, greens, lentils etc. are good source of vitamins and minerals. It would be even more a great experience if you feed organic food. Here is a great portal www. myrightbuy. com, where you get all organic items. Happy parenting! Good luck and cheers!

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| Oct 06, 2015

Hi Rachna, You can start your baby on things like egg and some chicken too, if you are non-vegetarians. These things are rich in protein, which a growing child requires in abundance. Also, ensure that everyday he has atleast 2-3 helpings of fruits to eat (as far as I know, calorie-wise and nutrition wise, even one slice of mango is a helping of fruit and so is a small banana); add dry fruits to his diet, almonds and kishmish and walnuts are good choices (but in winter); also ensure each meal he has has some helping of vegtable whether it is cucumber in raita or vegetable khicdi. Basically, focus on giving him a balanced meal--all food groups in small quantities. Also, introducing him to table manners, eating with the family etc are some things that you can start on at this age. hope this helps.

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