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Oats good for kids???

1 to 3 years

Created by Nisha Chandrasekharan
Updated on May 16, 2016

@Puja Sharma Vasisht could you please suggest if Oats are good for 1. 5 yrs kids..

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| Jul 07, 2016

I m using quaker fruit flavour oats ! for my one year daughter + so is it safe ?

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| May 20, 2016

so it seems quaiker oats is not good for babies

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| May 20, 2016

thanks madhuri and pratibha..

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| May 19, 2016

oats are good and healthy. For babies and toddlers try using steel cut oats (needs cooking for half an hour), or rolled oats (needs cooking for 15 to 20 mins), or organic oats (takes roughly around 10 mins or so to cook). You could soak steel cut or rolled oats for approximately an hour or so, it would cook better and properly. Use it with milk and dates pulp. It tastes yum. Hope this helps.

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| May 17, 2016

Yeah offcource oats are good for baby after 7 month onwards. oats is a fibrous food because of that it help in constipation in baby.. And it will help your baby to start learning chewing Somthing.... After continuous giving of oats you can give your baby chapti with milk. After six month milk only makes baby fatigue not strength... So add chapti with bread and chapti with pulse.... You can do one thing firstly warm your milk and put bread in it with a various small pices then leave it for sometime. mess up fully the give to your baby. It will help your baby to keep fit and healthy and also help in doing porty regularly day by day.. This is my personal experianced which i have shared with you. my son is 1. 3 now.

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