Obesity in kids

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Updated on Jul 20, 2015

My daughter is 9. 5 years old and is weighing 47 kgs right now. Her diet is ok and there is no junk food included in week days but on weekend they get liberation to eat out of routine but I try and see that what she is having in on healthier side... She is also going for swimming daily. Now I wanted to know is how to reduce her weight ??????.

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| Jul 22, 2015

I am a parent who can identify with you. My daughter was also around that much when she was 9. I obsessed about it and asked the doctors what should be done. This doctor asked me if my daughter was a sports person. I said yes but inspite of that the weight was adding on. He told me to relax and continue to engage her in sports activities. He said that as girls grow into their teens, if they are physically active and are reasonably eating good, there should be no reason to worry because they would shed their weight then. And that is exactly what happened. She is 12 and has gained height, shed the excessive baby fat. I feel it was due to 2 factors - the commitment to physical activity [ basket ball for three times a week for 1. 5 hours ] and time factor of starting her mensuration [ which also plays a part in growth spurt I am told ] . Hope this helps ! :)

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| Jul 20, 2015

Fibre is a must essential in her deit. Make sure she eats a bowl of salad daily, one glass of juice, 4 types of fruits and 5 types of vegetables daily and also lot of water to keep her hydrated. it is good that you are not giving her junk food daily :) From my experience i would say that healthy diet is the one and only key to reduce weight :) .

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