3 to 7 years

Created by Nirali Chauhan
Updated on Aug 23, 2016

How to make them listen to parents?

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| Aug 23, 2016

nice info even my son is becoming frustrated day by day when he wake up in the evng after that his grandfather talk him he shouts at him.. annoying but I keep on thinking what should I do for ..

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| Aug 23, 2016

hi Nirali Chauhan! hope u r doing fine! Children know and understand the language of love very well. begin with a hug, then make an eye contact and say the same thing by stroking his hair , and then tell him what u expect from him. listen to what he Has to say on that. if he needs say 15 minutes more to finish off what he was doing. then tell him 'OK Daksh I am giving u 15 minutes but by that time u should wrap up your previous activity and move on the next'. praise him for listening to u. keep reminding him every 5minutes . be a role model and give a pAtient ear to what others have to say at home. even if there is a difference of opinion let just two people know about it , you and the person himself. raising your tone or answering back is something kids pick up really quickly. . hope this helps!

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