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Updated on Apr 29, 2016

Hi My daughter is 6. Should she be participating in olympiad. Which silverzone or SOF? Benefits? Disadvantages?

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| Apr 30, 2016

Sanchita, The decision is subjective. Some may believe that developing the competitive spirit at earlier age would benefit the child. But I, for one, wouldn't make my child attend these exams at that tender age. you do what you feel is best for your child. if you want to start now, ensure she doesn't get overburdened or stressed. SOF Olympiads is more popular than Silverzone. individuals cant register for the exam in most of these organizations. you have to go through the school if you wish to let your child appear for these exams. Olympiads are diagnostic exams (esp in primary years) to see how students in India perform in comparison to global students. It gives an idea of what your child's strength and weakness are, offers an insight into the methodologies followed in school- whether it needs improvement, can it be made more interactive and creative and so on. Once the child moves to middle school, the exam is more of a competitive exams which makes the children more comfortable with the pattern of international competitive and entrance exams.

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