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Updated on Jul 24, 2019

Hello mommies, I am a mother of 14 months old daughter and so far she is having 7 tooth but I don't know how to clean here teeth.. she cries alot whenever I started cleaning her tooth and sometimes she bleed if I use baby brush also.. I am very skeptic about her oral condition now as her tooth turned yellow first and now little sign of cavity is visible in her front first teeth.. please tell me the correct way to clean her mouth 🙏

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| Aug 30, 2019

Use soft baby brush and don't put much pressure while brushing teeth. Use mamaearth baby tooth paste.. Its good for babies

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| Jul 31, 2019

As you have mentioned, 17m and having cavity better consult doctor. Soft baby brushes are good, but considering that it may be lead to bleeding. Better consulting doctor once for proper care hygiene and what to avoid

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| Jul 24, 2019

hi Sahin Akhtar ! u can use finger brush or soft bristles brush especially designed for kids. or u could use wet sterile cotton cloth to clean her teeth and use a toothpaste available in marekt agian especially designed for kids.

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