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Manisha Mishra
1 to 3 years

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Updated on Nov 03, 2015

my little princess still not ablw to learn how to brush . Every time she used to swallow the paste . How i will make her understand and which paste i will use

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Neha Gupta Goel

| Nov 06, 2015

Hi manisha... toothpaste for kids are available in market by various brands with different flavours ..they contain less fluoride levels as compared to the toothpastes of adults contains ..and safe to use also for kids ..very child has a tendency of copying their parents try to brush along with ur kid he will learn faster ...and always appreciate ur child by clapping to motivate him...

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keerthy balasubramanyam

| Nov 05, 2015

hi try to show her videos and books on brushing. cook up stories on brushing,use Advertisements as aide to show her "if she doesnt brush she will be having tooth problem like the child in ad has"i convert my daughters's rhyme into brushing rhyme like say Wheels of the bus got converted to Brush in the mouth go round and n round.... keep repeating everyday,my daugter still fusses over brushing but somehow i am trying to make it a habit to brush on her own

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