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Updated on Feb 10, 2014

I have a 7 year old son. He goes out of control when we visit a public place. He will demand for something in a mall or he will behave badly at a relative's place.   We often have to give up for his demands in order to keep him quiet so that we don't get embarrassed. Please suggest how to tackle this situation?

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| Feb 10, 2014

Dear Rajat. All the parents go through this situation sometime or the other. The key is to nip the behaviour in the bud. Things like explaining the behaviour expected beforehand, gentle reminders, rewards and above all, parents staying calm are ways to help tackle the situation. You may find the following blog useful,here is the link:

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| Feb 11, 2014

Dear Rajat! Well it is not the fault of the child. Toys companies make their products so attractive that children get allured to these and easily fall prey to their gimmicks. They want their parents to fulfill their demands without realizing the cost, whether they already have similar toy, n other factors involved. Children are too smart and know how to get this done. No parent would like to be embarrassed at a public place so they take advantage of this fact and harp on it. Some children settle with small sops Or promises while others do not budge an inch. These are some of the steps u cud take before leaving for an outing. One: lay down rules clearly regarding behaviour expected from ur child before leaving. Two: clearly define consequences and do abide by these. These need not be physical punishment or embarrassing or scolding the child. But taking away for sometime some of the sops such as watching TV, going out for playing etc. Three: u cud share with him the purpose of visit to that place and tell him u have only this much money and we'd have to cut down on expenses if he wants to visit. Four: u cud explain if he spends on every thing u will be left with no money for his future needs such as education, food etc. FIVe:u cud share with him the plight of children living on street who are living a life devoid of even basic amenities and would like to give money to them rather than wasting money on such not so important things. Six: U cud ask him to donate useful things to them such as old clothes, blankets, food, stationary item etc. he would definitely feel good about it and save things for them. Seven: u cud buy him a piggy bank and ask him to save money he didn't spend in it and he cud buy something with it on his birthday or when needed. I am sure with such initiatives he we'd definitely one day understand. Hope this works!

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