Outdoor activities and fitness in children

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Updated on Feb 28, 2014

Hello parents! I am a mother of 13 years old son. He is now days all time glued to the screen TV, Tab or phone. I want him to become an outdoor person as he might get lifestyle diseases at early age.

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| Feb 28, 2014

Hi Shipra! These gadgets have become a bane in every household rather than a boon. We as parents need to curtail their use in front of children so that we set an example for them. I know it is difficult. it is advised one can use it when children have gone to school or are sleeping. Secondly u cud set a time table for ur son where there is fixed stipulated time for ipad use, tv viewing and use of phone. This will make u free of everyday arguments on its use. Thirdly u cud include physical activities in the timetable which cud be in the form of going for a walk, playing outdoors ,cycling or joining some activity class like swimming, karatein, badminton etc. fourthly, u cud accompany him to the park or activity club to set an example for him . Fifthly, on weekends u cud take the child to park and organize family picnic and play cricket, football, frisbee, basketball, etc. Last but not the least u cud discuss the benefits of excercise and fall outs of excessive tv viewing and use of ipad with him. Initially he might find it difficult to stick to the time table and restricted use of gadgets but with persistent reminders and other options available he might like the change in his life. I am sure he wud understand and agree with u sooner or later! But do motivate him to stick to the timetable and show interest in going out and involve urself in the activities he is participating in by asking him what he learnt there. Hope this works!

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| Mar 07, 2014

Hi Shipra, the ideas given by Shikha Batra are fabulous. Dp get your child active in these sports. To keep them motivated and their mind active also introduce board games and brain teasers. Board games are a great way to bond with children. We are growing out of the board game culture slowly but this is a HUGE problem. You will see that your child starts listening to you and will stay away from iPad games if you can get them hooked on to board games and brain teasers. Dr Woods (later renamed to Think Tank) has a fabulous collection for this age group. Once they get away from the iPad they will also start going down to play. You will have to introduce a lot of fun alternatives to divert his attention.

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