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over emotional behavior of my son

7 to 11 years

Created by Chetna Gautam
Updated on Nov 15, 2016

my son studies in 2 standard. he gets afraid very soon about his homework, about instructions given by teacher. every day he finds a reason to cry related to school. m very much upset with this behavior of his. kindly help

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| Nov 15, 2016

hi Chetna Gautam! a child's overreaction could be in response to our reaction over a period of time to certain authority figure . say for instance if we have been repeating over and over again without realizing it's imapct on the child that if he doesn't follow teachers instructions she would scold or punish him or even not like him. so this fear has now become deep seated in child's mind . due to which he might overreact and might keep taking her all instructions way too seriously. it's advisable to work on him and gradually get this fear out of his mind. When fear affects day to day functioning it could be harmful and needs to be dealt with. talk to him , make him meet his teachers beyond school hours, have some casual discussion about family or on other topics. he could connect with them over phone as well. praise them and show how much they are concerned about him and love him. hope this helps!

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| Nov 15, 2016

Hi Chetna, there is nothing to get upset. Instead, sit down with your son and ask him what is it about homework or even classwork that bothers him so much. Is he scared of his teacher, and if so why? Does she beat him? Please try and find out your answers.

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