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Updated on Dec 03, 2015

hi. my daughter is 6 year 6 month old and her weight is 32 kg . i think its beyond normal weight. plz advise me how can i make her reduce weight. im very worried. thanks in advance.

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| Dec 03, 2015

Hi Saziyakhatri! The average weight of a 6. 6 years old girl should be around 19. 5 kgs. But it would be appropriate to see it in relation to her height. It is advisable to Make certain changes in her lifestyle: 1. Adding More of proteins, minerals and vitamins to her diet and less of carbohydrates. For ex: reduce intake of rice/chapati/ refined flour based dishes instead add whole wheat/Ragi, chana grounded in her flour, fruits and vegetables and salads in her diet plus egg white and soybean products. 2 reduce fat intake such as ghee, butter,cheese avoid giving egg yolk or junk food like pastries,biscuits, cakes,burgers, pastas, jams etc. Avoid snacks between meals. 3. Add physical activity/exercise to her routine. 4. Ask her to avoid sedentary life style ie. Ask her to help you with chores rather than giving her things in her hand.. 5. Let her have food herself rather than feeding her so that she realizes when she is full. 6. Make her Avoid watching TV or ipad while having food. 7. Take her help in household chores like watering plants, bringing u stuff from other room etc. 8. The entire family can go for a walk on weekends or adopt any sport such as badminton or cycling or skating etc. 9 she can also learn dance if she wishes to. 10. Last but most important please never taunt her or make her feel low because of her weight. Just motivate her to be physically active for its obvious benefits. The change has to be brought slowly and in a positive manner. It would be easier for her if the family members too participate in working towards the common goals. hope this helps!

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