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Updated on Jul 31, 2014

My 12 year old daughter is becoming overweight.  She is already on medication for her thyroid, so we are supposed to be keeping an eye on her weight. Please suggest some ways to control her weight and for healthy diet.

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| Aug 01, 2014

Hi Anubhav, as this seems to be a thyroid problem, from your side you could ensure 2 things: 1) exercise in outdoors. Let this be in the form of play such as get her enrolled for tennis, swimming, badminton or other forms of active sport. This will help control her weight and also keep her confidence and spirits up. Keep her active and for that as a parent you might need to take an initiative but suggesting "let's go for cycling in the park" or "try and beat papa in the race" 2) Keep a note that her diet should include plenty of fibre-rich foods. fibre-rich foods give you a feeling of fullness faster and automatically you eat less. Knead boiled, mashed lauki in chappati dough; give her fruits and vegetable salads with olive oil dressing; cucumber gazpacho; mix bran in regular dough in the ration of 1:4; gradually reduce and then eliminate sugar from her drinks such as milk; offer her namkeen lassi as a substitute to sugary drinks or packed juices. These tips should help you. But importantly remember, she is still young and dealing with a thyroid issue. Don't let her feel things as a punishment.

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| Jul 31, 2014

Hi Anubhav, Thank you for sharing your concern with us. We understand your concern. While you receive suggestions and inputs from fellow parents on parentune, in the meantime, here is a blogs which deals with the concern area mentioned by you and may be of help -

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