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Created by Isha Mitra
Updated on Jun 28, 2012

What do you think is a good age to move your child to his/her own room. ????   i have a 13 month old and was contemplating in my head as to when to move her.. i know there is no right or wrong in this area so just wanted to see when did some other fellow parents moved their kids to their rooms and how did ythey cope with it?

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| Jun 28, 2012

she sleeps in our room but in her cot from day one.. so she is used to that.. its just that now that she is 13 months we were thinkiong of moving her own room.. will try to shift her to the room. soon.. thanks alot bhavna..

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| Jun 28, 2012

hey Isha we had the baby room from day one and she slept in her own bed since day one , only when she was sick i would make her sleep with me but all the other times she was put in her own baby bed slowly she got used to having her own space, and for the first 8 months she slept in our room but her own bed. By the time she was one we shifted her bed in her own room. With the help of a baby monitor we could keep a track on her and it was peaceful. Once we got her out of the baby bed ( at 2 1/2 yrs) on to the big bed she would wander in to our room some nights and we would then have to take her back to her room . Also isha we've mostly had help who sleeps in the same room as the baby so the transition was easy for our daughter.. :-)

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