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Updated on Sep 25, 2017

hi.. my son gets very fussy to sleep.. I put him to sleep somehow by rocking him.. but his father and grandparents are not able to put him to sleep at all.. I am a professional.. so when he is left with them.. they use the pacifier and put him to sleep saying that this is the age for babies to suck on something and sleep and since I'm lacking breast milk they have to do this.. I'm not happy using the pacifier.. what should I do??

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| Sep 25, 2017

hi shrestha Satish! u r not lacking in anything dear. if u r still lactating , u can start again.. the more u would feed the better would be the supply however if u r not able to feed due to some reaosns , u could give pacifier to baby only while making him sleep, so that he doenst get used to it. hope thia helps!

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