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Updated on May 30, 2017

Hii I m 21 weeks pregnant , since 1 WK I m having prob on my left side ... when ever I wake up in the morning I need 10-15 mins to get my body stable.. I can't move my left leg at all even I can't move on left or right side is so painful its like my left leg got paralyzed... & even sometimes while walking suddenly my left leg gets stuck ...still then I can't move I need sombodies help to make me sit... plzz suggest why is this happening it's very difficult to survive...

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| May 30, 2017

hi Payal Singh! leg cramps are not unusual during this phase but u have such unbearable pain , please consult your doc to have an expert's opinion on this. meanwhile avoid sitting in one place or standing for long. keep yourself well Hydrated, have a nutritious balanced diet, and do take supplements prescribed by your doc. please do consult your doc to ease out the pain u r going through.. tkcare!

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