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Created by Aruna Rashmi
Updated on Jun 13, 2017

Do you think banking the umbilical stem cell banking is an important decision that the expectant parents must take

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| Jul 05, 2017

i had a word with doctor who herself is doing stem cell therapy and she told me that no use of preservi ng stem cells as their quality decreases day by day and more over stem cells are available throughout our life in our bone marrow and adipose tissue so if needed we can remove from there and use it

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| Jun 14, 2017

I get mixed reviews from many ppl. Overseas they follow this. In india it is emerging as new diseases emerge. Dont know what to decide. My friend is in a situation to decide. I'm not sure what to say to her on this.

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| Jun 13, 2017

it is costly as well I believe. someone guide as well please.

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| Jun 13, 2017

according to my study, there is a old doings in India. they keep the umbilical cord safe in a small silver container and will be left hanging in the child's neck tying with a rope all the life and when a serious problem of health arises that umbilical cord will be ground and will fed to the child itself irrespective of age. It is said to cure the disease. You might have to spend much to save it in bank. Make studies and carry as well. God luck.

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