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Created by Nimisha Awasthi
Updated on Jul 19, 2016

my daughter is very naughty n sharp minded but all time she arguing nd fight against topics same things happen to me every day. she doesn't want to study. plz giv suggestion to handle her.

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| Dec 05, 2016

Most of the time kids behave differently to seek attention. Spend time with her and do things which she likes to do. That might help

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| Jul 19, 2016

hi Nimisha Awasthi! A 7 year old is quite smart and cognitively well developed and Knows what's going around. This could be her way of keeping her point of view which comes across as her misbehavior. Or She might argue when she feels that she is not being given the liberty to act according to her wishes. she feels she is being pushed too much.. or even when she feels that there are different set of rules for different family members. for example : the elder one can argue but when she does , it becomes an issue. so try and understand what's that disturbing her. stop for a while, pay complete attention to her and give her a patient ear.. if everytime she talks or tries to discuss something and she is being snubbed , she will loose her self confidence. try and help her come to the point by showing u understand what she is trying to say and then without hurting her sentiments share your views. having said that it's also important to note that your views are to be shared only when u think its essential for her to see the other side of to situation as well. don't get angry every time she opens her mouth. let her share her heart out. once u think she has kept her point , u could politely let her know that u r on the same page with her and now she can continue with other things. hope this helps!

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| Jul 19, 2016

Hi Nimisha, Join and play with her and laugh with. When she see that you enjoy being with her and sharing your time. She will cooperate with your rules. Read out or tell her stories and sing to her and with her. Sometimes also talk seriously of what you expect in her behavior. If possible, let the father also take part in all activities. I hope that might help you ! For concentration, you can go through this article

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