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Updated on Sep 22, 2016

my daughter is 3 yr old and very disobidient. always throwing tantrums. How to handle her..

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| Sep 22, 2016

hi Rajashree Basu! tempers tantrums from children are usually a common behavioral trait around this age particularly, since they are developing cognitively and are good at imitating, They learn to disagree from adults and express themselves by throwing tantrums. language is still developing at this age and they find it difficult to express in words. it's advisable to deal with her with love. help her express in words how exactly she is feeling at that moment. if u don't want her to do a particular thing for instance watch cartoons , come up to her level and explain in ways which she understands best, using methods such as story telling, talking, hugging , kissing on her forehead, taking her in your lap. I am sure she would soon be on the same page with u and start listening to u. be a role model for her by being calm,being in control of your emotions, and respecting others and their viewpoints. hope this helps !

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