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Created by Dr Nusrat Asif Shaikh
Updated on Dec 23, 2016

want to know how to deal with elder child when u have a younger one to

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| Dec 23, 2016

hi Dr. Nusrat Asif Shaikh! I completely understand your situation and handling two kids is not easy at all. having a younger sibling doesnt make him older. this feeling will sink in with age and responsibility on his shoulders.. just reminding him time and again ,' u r a grown up child so behave likewise' won't serve the purpose. it needs to show in our actions say for Instance " u are such a good reader, why don't u read a story to your brother", or " u can order a dish of your choice for u and your brother", " u have such an amazing choice, help him wear clothes of your choice". this way we are not only boosting his self confidence but also motivating him and making him feel responsible. this will also strengthen the bond between siblings. Dr. Nusrat try and deal with your elder one with love and respect . it's time u be his friend and see things from his point of view. hope this helps!

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| Dec 23, 2016

What is the age difference between the two? Make the elder one feel like a responsible child and take his or her help in taking care of the younger one.

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