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Updated on Feb 10, 2015

It is parentune discussion time!   How many of us struggle with teenage attractions and educating our adolescents about sex? If you have managed to get over the initial barrier, we would love to hear from you how you handled a delicate situation at home, where you needed to speak to your child about sex or deal with an infatuation.

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| Feb 11, 2015

In my experience, if the child is young, you can share some basic information with her, in a friendly age-appropriate manner but for an older child, it is better to involve a teacher.

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| Feb 10, 2015

Though I have not been in a similar situation, I follow the principal of honesty and open, age appropriate communication. For eg: when my child gets curious about breasts, rather than ignoring the topic, or telling him not to talk about it etc. , I have told him simply that all women have it and it is a part of the body and a natural body shape. I think this has worked.

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