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Updated on May 19, 2015

It is Parentune Weekly Discussion time With summer vacations on, we would like to know your child's favorite activity that keeps him/her busy on the hot afternoon days. We would like to hear your suggestions and thoughts on this.

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| May 20, 2015

Freeplay.. i let her do whatever my daughter wants to do.. open drawers, sift through her clothes, scribble, play with her toys. I let her unwind in this manner.

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| May 19, 2015

Hi, In Summers, I try to make each room a different activity. The living room turns into a pillow climbing funfest, the kitchen a drummin band with the pots, the bed rooms for some sheet hide and seek or sock toss (we take out everything from a bottom drawer and toss it back in), dining room we crawl through chairs like tunnels sometimes putting a favorite toy at the end to get to, and then of course the den for a relax video, the basement for a wall to wall tag game. I try to make it less ordinary for my own benefit, and my kids love these things.

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