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Updated on Jun 09, 2015

It is parentune weekly discussion! We all have faced situation where our toddler or a preteen has thrown a temper tantrum with the situation having a potential of becoming ugly. Share with us, what worked for you in that situation and how you dealt with the tantrum.

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| Jun 10, 2015

Hello everyone, According to my experience you should never scold your child in public rather you should understand the problem and try to solve it cleverly. For eg, recently my daughter was forcing me to buy her a big teddy bear.. i reminded her that we already have a big teddy at home and she can buy the new one later. Also never say a direct NO to your child, it will make the situation worse.. Make your child understand the reason behind your no.

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| Jun 09, 2015

Hi everyone, the best thing that works for me more often than not is letting him speak his heart out, try to understand what is that bothering him. Then, once he's calm, go and have a nice chat about and make him feel that no matter what, I'm there for him. He's the one who matters to me the most. Patience is the key and you as a parent must learn to master the same for the greater good.

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| Jun 09, 2015

Hi All, Once your child is calm after all the tantrums then go ahead and create an opportunity to talk to him. Give him a quick hug and show your love to him. Its important to reward good behavior and then make him understand about good or bad things. Child needs a calming influence, especially during a tantrum, and if you can’t provide that, you can’t expect them to calm down. Be patient and calm while handling the situation.

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