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Sep 22, 2015

Its Parentune Discussion Time!! Grandparents have that special privilege of showering all their love on their grandchildren. How as a parent do you tackle over- pampering grandparents.

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| Sep 23, 2015

My inlaws are bit practical ,they are not pampered my child unnecessery .Being working mother i completely depend on them. My nanny used to pamper her lot & makes a stubborn child ,inspite of understanding all i couldnot do anything as depending on her.

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Priyanka Baweja

| Sep 22, 2015

My in laws are really old my only concern is whether they will be able to handle my kid or not properly. Moreover taking care of small small things pertaining to hygiene of my child and food especially when I will be joining back my job.

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Dr Ritu Kumari Gupta

| Sep 22, 2015

i just keep an eye with wtever and however inlaws are handling kid. in some case i interupt keeping in mind that interupting alot may cause difference btw members. but when my child is with me say in room or while playing with me or feedong him i am strict with him. i teach him discipline.

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Zanzanil Patel

| Sep 22, 2015

It is very important to create a balance between pampering and discipline. I was unable to draw lines with my in-laws in terms of keeping everything limited so I trained my older daughter in a way that nothing was acceptable without my permission. Donno if I was right or wrong in doing that. But my sole motive was her betterment and made sure it worked by all means.

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| Sep 22, 2015

Very relevant point Admin :) Well, we dont have the privilege of having our parents look after our children. This is possible only on holidays when they visit us or we visit them. They really are free to do as they wish but I have been clear with certain things like minimal sweets, chocolates and TV. I really enjoy watching them being spoitl for those few days they are together as this also leaves the grandparents with pleasant memories until we all meet again. So I think I have found a balance in this aspect and have addressed any issue of the kids being overly pampered.

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