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Updated on Nov 04, 2014

We want to hear from all our proparents what tips they share with their child on safety (personal safety, good touch bad touch, safety when on the roads, safety when in the house alone etc. ) and what has worked.

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| Nov 05, 2014

I have taught my child to voice out his fear or discomfort. I tell him to scream, call out aloud for help. I also ask my child everyday what happened at school... dis she use the washroom, who cleaned her, was she hurt somewhere, did someone scare her etc. Also, if she shows resistance in going close to someone, i don't push her.

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| Nov 30, -0001

Good and bad touch is smething we should explain kids.

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| Nov 04, 2014

I have a 2 yr old. firstly I always teach her that "safety should be the 1st priority" by reminding her safety comes first every day. Reinforcing her while i help her sit in her car seat or keeping crockery in place. Secondly I have taught her that no one can touch her no matter what if she is not comfortable and if someone tries inspite of her saying no , she should shout on the top of her voice. She is too young as of now to understand male and female etc. I respect her choices and have also explained the same to her daycare staff and mentor. I want her to know that 'no' is an important word and it should be respected. Thirdly everyday when she returns from her daycare we share our daily event and who all washed her or touched her is one thing which is always a part of the communication, so that she feels comfortable and casual in sharing everything and I can get my cues if any.

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| Nov 04, 2014

My daughter is 3 years and goes to playschool. With so many abuse cases happening around, i have told her, that she should go to the washroom only with her ayah or teacher and no male member; that she should not go alone to any corner or part of the school; that no one should be allowed to touch her except for cleaning her after she has used the washroom etc.

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