Passing gas... frequent feeding.... any problem?

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Created by Ruchi Thakur
Updated on Jan 19, 2016

My son is 45 days. He use to pass gas more often. Even though apart of 1 or 2 time he use to feed only for 5 to 7 minutes . I use to feed him generally in an hour. Plz suggest if any thing is wrong here

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| Apr 06, 2016

Yes. Feed the baby in 2 hours. And make him burp. Gas passing is normal for such small baby. It will be fine while he will grow. Its a good sign.

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| Jan 21, 2016

Gas passing is a good sign of having good digestion ...dnt worry about that. My baby also did this, i t s normal. Your baby is very small. No need to think on frequent breast feeding. Just feed him as per his demmand. Enjoy breastfeeding and motherhood.

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| Jan 20, 2016

Gas passing is good. my baby does that for whole day. Some time he demand feeding to pass gas only ;) Some time after half an hour I feed him. i do feeding as per demand also and per my instinct, if i feel baby needs to feed, than feed... I Don't carry any time zone scenario.

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| Jan 19, 2016

Hi. There is no issue with gas actually it's a good sign. It's healthy for infants to pass gas. My baby also feeds for 5 to 8 mins thrs no problem. Feed as per ur baby demands but not with a gap of more than 2 hours at this age.

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| Jan 19, 2016

Hi make sure u gve him burp after every feed. N my doc suggested to give feed in 2hrs.

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