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Pee training

Kanchan Kumari
1 to 3 years

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Updated on Feb 22, 2016

Hi, my younger daughter is 2 .3yrs now, still she doesn't ask for potty or pee. she will just do it anywhere around the house .my elder one started telling for all this when she was just1. 5yrs old,though she still wets bed at night. I am going on vacation to my native place and I am really worried how to manage all this ,as no one will allow to put her in diapers. Please help me with a quick solution. Thanks

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Jolly Stanley

| Jun 28, 2016

my child she is 1yr 1month and i have to blind in mixy nd giving food. Otherwise she doesnt have. How to train her

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Archana N

| Feb 24, 2016

Reminding a child every now and then for washroom works too... Just keep asking them if they want to pee or poo... And then taking them to the washroom if they don't reply for a longer time.. Soon you will see that they will start understanding what you are asking and express when there's a need... It worked well for my son so thought to share.... Basically, reiterating that there's a specific place for poo and pee and they have to tell you when they feel the urge...

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Mahashree Sivasankar

| Feb 23, 2016

Same problem for me too. My son s 1. 3 yr old. I am taking him to pee every 40 mins to washroom... Only thing s he doesn't want to poo just n his potty chair.. He always go where he wants in his underpants.. I m finding very difficult to change him.

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Swati Nitin Gupta

| Feb 22, 2016

Either you put her in diapers or you yourself take your daughter to pee after every two hours and note the time of her poop and before time take her to the washroom.

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