PENTAXIM ban worrisome

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Updated on May 26, 2015

I had given all 3 doses and one booster of Pentaxim for my son who is almost 3. Now with the ban, I am very much worried though I read up that it is only less effective against Pertussis. Have any of been through this and enquired your paediatrician on this matter? what can be done now? Any idea if there is a separate vaccine for Pertussis?

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| Jun 07, 2015

They say it isn't as effective as the painful one against Pertussis

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| Jun 06, 2015

Whats the reason for the banned?

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| May 26, 2015

Hi Ayshwarya Ravichandran There is an easy replacement available for pentaxim. But you should check it with your pediatrician. and i would suggest that for vaccinations you should only trust your doc/pediatrician.

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