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Navrati Sharma
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Updated on Oct 25, 2015

Should pets be allowed to be close to new borns and if not then at what age should we introduce dem to dogs...

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Ruhita Debnath

| Oct 26, 2015

Hello, I have a 6yrs old Cocker Spaniel (American breed) a hairy breed weight 18kgs. Evry1 said 2 give away my dog b4 my baby's birth. But I was stubborn 2 keep him as well as I promised myself 2 balance both my baby n my doggy.. Nw my baby is 11months happy, playful, healthy n my dog, he is so caring, my dog will never leave my baby alone whenever m nt around. He feels it's his responsibility to keep d baby safe n sound. V all sleep in d same room but till 9th month I did not let my dog come very near, can b around bt cannot touch. Now since baby started to walk a Lil n move around in d house, it has bcum a habit for both tht they can talk play but cannot touch eachother until m nt around. When I am there they r allowed 2 touch... Alws make sure both kid n dog is under ur control n make sure they listen 2 ur commands..

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