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Created by Meenal Pandya
Updated on Jan 03, 2017

hi,my baby is 3 months old. Her PDT. prescribed phenergan syrup when she was suffering from ear infection. Now she is OK but sometimes she wake up very frequently at night time & can not complete her sleep. so we r giving phenergan syrup in very less quantity to make her sleep once in a week. Is it safe for baby ?

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| Feb 28, 2017

yes.. i totally agree with advice of above mommies.. as phenergan is work like a drug would make habit in your baby.. my baby is colic one and he crying a lot up to 4 mnths.. tht time my pediac priscribed ths med only when he ws crying a lot once in a week.. other wise its not for regular use..

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| Jan 10, 2017

my ped advised phenergan when by baby boy had severe stomach pain at 3 months. otherwise, please don't give as a habit. will be harmfull for your baby's sleep pattern.

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| Jan 04, 2017

Babies sleep pattern is different after 3months don't give medicine for every time to sleep it acts like a drug for baby. some time they don't sleep at night times as well as day time.

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| Jan 03, 2017

After three months babies sleep pattern will change.. so take lil effort more n make baby sleep ..

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| Jan 03, 2017

Hi phenegran syrup is advisable only wen their is some health issue were baby cant sleep with pain.. I askd for my son to my pediatric about phenegran syrup as he doesn't sleep properly... he strictly told No... as it works like a sleeping pill to the baby which is harmful pls don give

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