Phonetics for starters

3 to 7 years

Created by Neha Sinha
Updated on Oct 07, 2012

Hi!.. My child does nit relate well to the sound concept of Phonetics.... i feel the traditiional method wud've been better..... he's good with numbers and other skills.... but not getting compatible with phonetics..... any suggestions?

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| Oct 09, 2012

Hi Neha, Phonetics as a concept provides a strong foundation for reading effectively as well as understanding the spellings and pronunciation of English language. It has helped my nephew right from the start to spell as well as pronounce the words correctly. In fact he even uses this method to correctly guess the spellings of new words. So it’s definitely worth trying to teach your child the phonetic sounds as it would benefit him in the long run. Maybe you can try some fun and stress free ways to make him learn. You can try involving your child in making attractive phonetic charts/flashcards at home or even encourage him to play phonetics related board games. Or invent your own interesting game which he will enjoy and also learn in the process.

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| Oct 08, 2012

Hi Neha. How old is your child. In addition to the previous post I would like to mention a personal experience. My daughter who is now 5, has always has an interest in Maths and numbers. Her school never taught her phonetics but went with the traditional method so she also was not receptive to phonetics at all. However I kept trying to teach her spellings not in the traditional learning-by-rote method but in the phonetics method. She took a long time, years in fact, to pick it up, but now I find her more receptive and she has started forming spellings on her own hearing a word, or finds it easier to remember with the phonetics method, while continuing in the traditional method in school. So I suppose, you have to just keep trying till she reaches her own comfort level with the whole learning thing.

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| Oct 08, 2012

Hi Neha, I had come across a similar Talk here on Parentune a while back. This link would help you with that. It has some comments from other parents and experts. hope it helps.

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