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Updated on Jul 11, 2012

Was a part of a workshop yesterday and came across a parent who was talking about the importance of Phonetics in todays education. Am curious to know from the parents here on what you feel about the same....

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| Nov 23, 2012

Hi Bhavna.. Even I am interested in knowing the phonetics son for my 5 yr old son... kindly do share.. thanks!!!

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| Nov 02, 2012

bhavna can have the song pls for my 5 yr old

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| Aug 02, 2012

Phonetics have become a part of the curriculum now. Even though my daughters school still follows the age old method of learning spellings, I find trying to teach her with phonetics makes a lot of difference. It was a proud moment when she started making sounds and putting vowels in spellings on her own with the phonetics method. (Truth is, the older the child grows, the more difficult the words will get... and phonetics will come to use even more then)

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| Jul 13, 2012

it is great , it actually helps kids understand the concept very easily , infact in my daughters school they had a whole song about the sound that each alphabet made and she used to sing it all the time ... she is now in class 1 but still some days we go back to the song when she has trouble spelling a particular word...

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| Jul 11, 2012

yes Nitin, when i was in school, my mother used to teach me the same...

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| Jul 11, 2012

the new way of teaching thankfuly includes this right from the beginning... back at my time, this was redundant and i first was introduced to this back at home and not in school...

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