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Updated on Aug 14, 2014

Dear Fellow mothers, I want teach my son for phonic sounds and bit reading as well. Can you tell me except make him learn sounds what are other activities or ways to teach him play way manner. I try to teach him but he doesn’t find it interesting….. so luking for fun filled and interesting activity or games thru which I can teach him. Your inputs really works for me. Pls do advise. Here are 4 holidays…wish to utilise them.   Thanks. Aarti Mehan

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| Aug 14, 2014

I used to play the following games with my son while teaching phonics 1. play treasure hunt with the alphabets written on a piece of paper and hide them in different places. On finding the alphabet, your child should call out the alphabet and its sound. 2. Use lexicon cards and play memory game by shuffling and placing all the cards face down. when the player finds a pair, before taking the pair for himself, he should call out the sound of the alphabet. else the pair should be kept aside in a common pile. Once all the cards are picked up to form pairs, take the cards in the common pile which the players missed finding the sound. Shuffle them and place them face down for the second chance. 3. If you have play matt in a form of jigsaw puzzle with the alphabets written on it, you could play a game called Ribbit. shuffle the pieces of the matt and place them randomly on the floor. call out an alphabet randomly. Your child should find the alphabet and should hop on to the matt piece with that alphabet and say Ribbit within certain no of seconds for which you need to set a stopwatch. Give your child a star for every right answer and you join your child in the game and see who scores more stars. 4. Put all the alphabet fridge magnets in a plastic container and ask your child to pick up an alphabet and call out the sound of the alphabet . For vowels, you teach the long sound to start with. give points for the right answer 5. in starfall. com, there are some alphabet sound songs. you either sing them for him or you could play the songs for him. But for little kids, i would suggest to avoid using any form of hand held device or computer for tecahing. 6. Play "I SPY" using the phonetic clues for the things in your living room. For example " I spy something which starts with the letter C and has 2 hands" which is nothing but a Clock. 7. your child could make an alphabet book with pictures from magazines or drawing of the things that start with each alphabet. He could decorate it with stickers, sequins, markers, colored pasta, paint, finger prints etc. 8. You could play a game by choosing one alphabet a day and ask your child to find as many things in the living room as possible whose names start with that particular alphabet. You too join the game and make a separate list and see who finds more things. 9. Draw a group of pictures of objects where all except one will have same beginning letter. Ask him to find the odd man out. Once your child is able to find the beginning letter sound, play the same game for the ending sound and middle sound etc.

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| Aug 17, 2014

wow... Carol... amazing ideas.... loved all of them... you really solved my problem. Thanks you so much... Your ideas are always creative and new. Thanks again.

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| Aug 18, 2014

I am glad they are helpful, Aarti

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| Aug 23, 2014

Wow.. Lovely ideas..

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