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Created by DIPIKA
Updated on Feb 10, 2017

hello all .this is my first post. my kid has just started phonics .how can I teach him at school. suggest

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| May 02, 2017

Ty's all

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| Mar 07, 2017

Try this app its based on Montessori approach and I has worked wonders for my kid -- This is not a free app. Hope it helps

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| Feb 11, 2017

Ty's dear. u can send me activities via email if u can.

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| Feb 11, 2017

hi deepika!! The best way to do phonic with the child is to keep repeating the phonic sound for particular alphabet. take 3 alphabets a b c for a week and keep repeating the sound... you pl phonic ease learn from you tube and thereafter ask your child to point out some things from that sound. For eg if it is A Alphabet.. say apple from kitchen, ant from garden any name of hid friends in A, story from A. Read a story of alphabet A you get these stories from Internet or get some book. Ask him Ant Annie and ball which is the odd one. etc. Do like these activities for each letter. Once through it.. start with the next alphabet.. This way you can start with phonics.... If you need I can share more activities via email. Make it playful or else it will be very boring for the child

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| Feb 10, 2017

hii Deepika.. bring some pictorial books,blocks charts.. subscribe a rhymes channel on tv.. sing along with baby wheather it is alphabet numbers or rhymes..

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