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Physical aggression in kids

Garima Agrawal
7 to 11 years

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Updated on Sep 15, 2015

My 6. 5 yrs old son has become very aggressive off late. He keeps hitting his friends (both boys and girls) for very small issues. I have tried to talk it out with him but hasn't been much of the help.

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Shikha Batra

| Sep 16, 2015

Hi Garima! It is indeed frustrating to receive complaints about yr child about being aggressive. I would request you to look at the following factors: 1. How is his behavior with family members? 2. Any recent major change in child's life? 3. any roLe model at home whom he could be imitating or cartoon character on TV? 4.. Has he ever reported to u any incident of being teased or bulllied by his classmates/seniors? 5. What teachers have to say about him? 6. HAve u ever noticed what provokes him to do so? Your answer to above mentioned questions would help in guiding further.

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