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Updated on Mar 01, 2018

My 18-month old turns her nose up to EVERYTHING i put in front of her, even if i know it's something she likes! Just to get her to taste things i have to wipe a little of everything on her lip so she is forced to lick it and then sometimes will decide to eat it. It's so frustrating though because she used to eat everything, but has never had a problem drinking anything. Still today, her favorite, no matter what is inside, is her "baba". I know i have to ween her off of it, but it's hard when she wont eat enough solid foods and at least the bottle gets nutrition into her :-/

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| Mar 01, 2018

hi Mandi Lynn !I do understand your concern.. make sure the serving size of food that, u keep in front of her is small ,as it gets too overwhelming for kids to see too much of food on plate.. secondly make her sit on a high chair and then serve food lil food to her to eat on her own.. she might play with it, doesnt matter but would eventually learn to eat.. thirdly, have lil bit for yourself too and eat side by side.. imitating too she would learn . here are some handy tips to deal with fussy eaters.

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