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Created by Bharti
Updated on May 12, 2013

HI  my son is 22 months old , i  want to send my boy to play school when he will be 2 yrs old as we stay in nuclear family still he don't talk and he is becoming introvert also. but my husband is not agree with it , kindly give me suggestions what is the right age for it

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| May 13, 2013

Dear Bharti, kids go for play and to learn social skills and to have fun, they rally enjoy there,so just relax and let him fly, he'll be fine. Take your husband to play school of your choice, when he will see other kids having fun and learning new things, he will hopefully change his mind. Hey Dyuti, I had put my daughter who is 20 months in play school last week, As she was gettin bore at home and was becoming cranky, she enjoyed for first 3 days as i was going to drop her abd she used to return in her winger bus, but when i started sending her in mornings by winger, she cries a lot and hers is 1st stop so she has to be in bus for 40 min, I was feeling guilty that may be its too early for Play school, What should i Do, Do all kids cry, should i become more strong or should i start dropping her on my own till she start understanding things clearly, Please help fellow mothers solving my dilemma.

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| May 12, 2013

Dear Bharti. 2 years is a good time to start sending a toddler to playschool. My daughter went from 18 months. It helps them in channelizing their energy in various activities, they make friends and learn to socialize and they also learn a whole lot of new things, which we cant teach them at home due to time constraints or other commitment. You could speak to your husband and maybe take him along to visit a few playschools so that he can see in person what kind of activities are done etc. He may change his mind then :)

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| May 12, 2013

Dear Bharti! The age appropriate for sending ur child to play school wud be when he is toilet trained, able to express himself n wud be better off when u leave him for 3-4 hrs. Though there are teachers to take care of d child but they have around 20-25 other children to look after. So possibility is if he is not toilet trained n can't express himself they won't be able to do justice to him due to workload. N possibility is he mite further move into his shell due to embarassment caused. U can involve ur child at home ur self by doing age appropriate activities such as reading a book to him, playing with blocks, or any other age appropriate toys, coloring, u can put on rhymes CD,etc. pls look for any indications of any kind of tension in his home environment which could be responsible for his such behaviorn if possible work on it to make it a happy n a safe environment for him. take him to d park n involve him with other kids with whom he could open up n is out of home environment. U need to look for cues whether ur child is happy indoors or outdoors, in d presence of kids or adults, n in whose presence he is more comfortable. Look for things which cud help him open up. be as motivating and loving to d child as possible.

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