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Updated on Jul 11, 2015

My son when ever play with children he just pluck the hair of children and he beat them how can I get ride of his this habit he just 2year 11month whenever I say any thing he just laugh and does not communicate properly and can not form a sentence also. how can I help him

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| Jul 11, 2015

Hi Pooja Shukla! Please observe if there is some kind of provocation for him to behave so and if not at what point he does that act. I am sure he is doing it without understanding the consequences. it is advisable to communicate,how much it hurts using a story or some rolé play. U could take an old doll and cut some of its hair and color it with red paint indicating blood. Now again paste loosely the cut hair. Now u could build up a story in which a child pulls the hair of this doll. The moment a strand of hair is pulled ,blood oozes out. The doll stops being a friend to the child. Avoids the child. And in the end child is left with no friends. Our purpose is to share with the child consequences of hitting someone. 1. It hurts. 2. He will loose his friends. 3. He will be left out alone if he does this with everyone . 4. He might hurt himself. It is essential to share with the child, it is painful. Be firm in yr tone every time child does this by saying 'NO, don't do this. It hurts'. ' appreciate for not repeating this act and behaving nicely. You could tell him the right way of behaving with age mates. PraiSe him for following. Hope this helps!

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