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Updated on Mar 25, 2015

Hi. I have a two year old toddler. He is very active and plays only with water and glasses. If he finds a pipe he waters plants if I am watching or he wets himself if im not around. He is not interested in any other toys. He sometimes sits down for looking at his alphabet books. But it's troublesome as I have to change his clothes many times a day and repeatedly clean the floor. Plz help

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| Mar 25, 2015

Hi Apurva! Yes it is indeed frustrating to clear the mess all the time. But it is a stage which will pass by soon. it is not possible to control it alltogegher but u could specify rules for playing with water. 1. Allow the child to play while he is bathing in a tub for 15 to 20 minutes as summers have already approached. U could bring water toys, ducks, watering can etc with which a child can have heartful of play in washroom itself with no intervention. 2. U could allow the child to water plants with yr help once in a day. 3. U could take child' s help in things in which water is required like filling water bottles, cans etc. 4. U could take his help in case mess is created by giving him a dry cloth too so that he would realize mess created needs to be cleared too. 5. If there is a pet in the house, u could involve the child in its bathing in yr presence. more u would allow the child to use water (in sensible ways ) more his curiosity to play would go down. hope this works.

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| Mar 28, 2015

apurva, as long as it is not affecting his health let him. I know it creates mess for parents to clean, but enjoy his phase. If you must, then when you feel he is going to play with water, then distract him with something more exciting... he may be tempted to leave water

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