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Updated on Oct 18, 2015

How should be the playtime and interaction with a 10 month doll:).. My lil has started speaking some alien language and she seems angrily active at times;).. Also her crawling is more of a bang session if we don't monitor too closely..

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| Oct 19, 2015

Hi Somashekhar Gowda! 10 months is usually the age when child begins to crawl,has improved eye hand coordination,understanding of object permanence improves as well as the child learn to use certain gestures. U could try following activities such as _ reading of picture books everyday, pointing towards object and repeating their names say milk, water,mama, papa etc. , stacking of bowls, blocks etc. Since she has begun crawling u could get some pull toys with light and sound which she might follow. Or u could give her a empty basket or box to be filled with toys or clothes or big colorful balls which she would enjoy filling and emptying repeatedly. Please avoid keeping small toys/things in front of her,do baby proofing so that she doesn't bang her head or hurt herself. Avoid leaving her unattended and If she is about to bang a wall,distract her with a sound or a toy. Her anger /frustration could be because she is trying to make sense of things around and on repeated unsuccessful attempts she gets frustrated and might throw away a thing in a fit of anger. U could help her with the activity and praiSe on successful attempt. A big hug or a loud clap on a right choice and a firm No on wrong one would help her differentiate between what's good and bad for her. For ex if she puts an eatable in her mouth, praise her but if she tries to lick a slipper, a firm No would help. Also keeping her favorite toy at a distance which she can find and after a while covering it with a cloth so that she looks for it. U could also play peekaboo with her. Hope this helps!

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