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Poonam Chopra

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Nov 01, 2015

Hi my both kids r suffering from cough n cold. my daughter is on homeopathic treatment .she is very prone to cough n cold as the season change. Now my son is also having the same problem. Its very much difficult to manage both of them at the same time. Plz help or suggest me some home remedies which I can give both of them to cure ..

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Manisha Joshi

| Nov 03, 2015

You can try giving them honey mixed in lime juice in warm water before they brush their teeth. Giving this regularly will increase immunity and reduce cough and cold. I always give this to my daughter... only difference is I mix honey and karela juice.

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poonam chopra

| Nov 01, 2015

Thnku dear.. I will try it

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Swathi Rao

| Nov 01, 2015

Give a teaspoon of honey with a. small amount of finely chopped ginger before bed time if your kids are above 1 year. I used boil milk with a pinch of turmeric & give it to my 3 yr old whenever he has cough. It really works as a miracle. For cold steam N vaporubs are the best thing. In case of blocked nostrils use nasoclear drops N try to remove the phlegm using a nasal aspirator. Massage little Vicks on the chest,back ,neck N sides of nose before putting to bed. Keep them warm.

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