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Poop concern

Abhaya Desai

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Feb 25, 2016

My daughter is 2 years 7 month old... She passes her tool once in 2 days n her poop is very aweful n she does one big poop that's it... Is thr añy concern

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मानसी मानसी

| Dec 30, 2016

givee her Castrol oil mixed in lukewarm water she will be fine

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Sunita Grover Oberoi

| Jul 04, 2016

pl give her over ripen banana n papaya daily. mango, grapes, spinach, moong dhuli daal etc. help in curing constipation. plus curd helps in digestion, add it in her diet necessarily. you may give her raisin, almonds, pistachio or any other nuts she likes. give with hot milk, she will be fine in a week's time. you may give her full cream milk too.

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pushpa paliwal

| Feb 25, 2016

Dear u great bottle guard and boil n grind it and add this pulp in her every food. U can use carrot as well. It will help a lot and give her double toned milk.

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abhaya desai

| Feb 25, 2016

Swati aweful mean it's smells very bad... Çan u specific fabire mean what exactly shd I add in her diet n she drink 5 glass of water in a day

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Swati Nitin Gupta

| Feb 25, 2016

Hi Abhaya, can you please explain what do you mean awful -- is it the smell or colour? Include more water and fibre in your daughters diet.

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