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poor handwriting and lacks concentration in studies and has lot of anger

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Updated on Jul 17, 2017

my son name is itish gupta . He is in 6 class but his handwriting is very very bad .He gets scolding from the teachers to improve his handwriting. his Hindi and eng both handwriting are not good and his copy is full of red marks and gets big notes from the teachers in the copies.. and he lacks concentration for studies .his concentration in playing games is very good .. He has a lot of anger in him ...he gets angry for small small thing s and starts crying .He does not listen to elders. and one main point that with whosoever he fights until he does not heard him or her he does not get patient.... so pls tell me any way to help him out ....

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| Jul 18, 2017

hi Nidhi! now that u already know what he can't do, please try and find out what he can do. in other words please try and work on his strengths, If anything is offered to him as a challenge like in a game ,he concentrates better.. so make him study with timed question papers, preferably application based. he seems to be in a hurry to finish work. does he write really fast? make sure u divide his work into smaller chunks so that he doesn't have the pressure to finish everything in one go. reward him for good handwriting. his anger could be because of the fact that he is getting scoldings at school and must be getting at home as well. so he is directing it towards other children who are a soft target and won't harm him. if u want to bring a change please make sure no one at home is hitting him, and u r dealing with just love and patience. motivate him, hug him , spend time with him, avoid warning him all the time. make him sit and politely talk to him ,explaining what u expect from him.. the more u would understand him better , the better would be the results. hope that helps !

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