post pragnancy depration

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Created by Saumya Vaish
Updated on Feb 12, 2017

feel dissconect with my one year old daughter plese sujjest what i can do for reconnect agin

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| Mar 07, 2017

Yoga or some exercise will definitely help u out.

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| Feb 12, 2017

hi Saumya Vaish! u have been through a tough phase and trust me it's not easy one .you have been quite strong and for quite a long time now and have gone through many changes be it bodily, emotionally, socially. etc. relax Saumya take a break, ur angel will be fine . the moment your mind starts thinking about something other than your daughter , you feel guilty. overcome that guilt feeling, confide in a close one, share your concerns. take help from your in-laws or hubby or anyone and take a break for one to two hours everyday and do what u enjoy doing the most . be it sleeping, listening to music or going to gym or pursuing a hobby. Saumya if u feel this depression is affecting your day to day life, please consult an expert as it needs immediate attention. u love your daughter Saumya u r an amazing Mom ! take good care of yourself!

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| Feb 12, 2017

hii Saumya .. spent time with ur baby .. play with her .. coock food for her .. take her out .. enjoy motherhood as this phase ll not come back n the things only remain with u ll be these lovely memories

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