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Created by Shilpa
Updated on Jan 22, 2014

Hi Parents, My son is 5 years old. He does not eat any vegetable other than potatoes. He wants to eat only potatoes. How do i increase his interest in other vegetables? Please suggest.

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| Jan 23, 2014

Its a good idea Shikha. I am implementing this thing and trying to have dinner with my kids. but they are very slow in eating, even I am preparing food what they like. My kids demand list is so long.

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| Jan 22, 2014

H dear Asha! Potato is indeed a tasty thing and it gels so well with every thing. I wud say u have an advantage that ur child likes potato. Try making paranthas with different cooked vegetables made along with aloo. Such as methi aloo parantha, boiled mashed peas aloo parantha, gobhi aloo parantha. U cud also try making sandwiches with potato as the main ingredient. Like u cud add finely chopped vegetables such as carrot,cheese, peas etc. u cud also make dalia with Arhar dal, finely chopped vegetables. Along with hidden veggies u cud motivate the child to have these by narrating stories, showing pics of undernourished children, how they become weak, n dull n cannot participate in any competition. Also u cud set an example by having food along with the child on dinner table and serving same thing to all and saying whosoever finishes the whole plate will b the winner and any token reward cud be added. Hope this works!

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| Jan 22, 2014

Hi asha, you may view the video by nutrition expert on how does child look at food and how you can make the food interesting -

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