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Annie Priya

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Sep 29, 2015

My son is 1. 4 years and if i try to make him sit on his potty chair he starts crying. He wants to do potty but he refuses. How can I train him

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Annie Priya

| Sep 30, 2015

Thanks Zanzanil for ur valuable advise

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Zanzanil Patel

| Sep 29, 2015

Hii I am also planning to start my son potty training. I will try getting him used to sitting on his potty trainer chair as just any other chair first and gradually take things from there. I think he is too young to understand much as yet to will try but just take it easy until he's about 2+ and understands much better. With my older daughter I started to potty train her I think after she was 2. They need to be given something that helps them sit for a while. In her case it was tv. So I 1st got her sitting on the mini pot for few mins at different times of the day just casually. Then gradually got her to do susu in it and gradually further on. All I will suggest just take it easy. They can barely follow instructions like come, give, go, no..... etc. Potty training will take a while. Don't stress yourself.

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